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** I bought this labelled as "Geranium 'Icicle' but I cannot find a reference to it anywhere online. I therefore suspect it is mis-labelled. My guess is it is a hybrid of the alpine type geraniums such as G.traversii,G. sessiliflorum, G. nigricans, G.cinereum. I am not a geranium officianado though! It is a small leaved, small flowered, low growing, evergreen to semi-evergreen geranium, with white flowers and green leaves that can have a silvery tone, but more green than silver.

75mm pot

*Evergreen to semi-evergreen perennial

*15cm x 40cm

*Full sun to part shade

*White flowers that fade to very pale pink in summer, silvery-green foliage

*Low to medium water needs, tolerates dry spells

*Moist, well drained soil preferred, not too wet

*High -medium frost tolerance

Geranium 'Icicle'

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