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100mm pot

These unidentified Hostas came from Norgates Plant farm as it closed down.
We have tried to group them into blue, green or yellow foliage colours, but unfortunately I can't name them for you. This one has medium sized leaves that are dark green in the middle and bordered by  light -green.

*Herbaceous perennial

*40cm h x 40cm w

*Full to part shade (morning sun with afternoon shade ideal)

*Flowers in summer/autumn. Will be white or light purple

*Moist, well drained soil

*Medium water needs but do not over-water or they will rot

*Frost tolerant

Hosta spp. (Dark green centre/light green rim)

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  • *Herbaceous perennial (winter dormant) *Prefers protection from hot, harsh sun but does actually do better with a little gentle sunlight such as early morning or dappled shade then it will in total shade *Well drained, moist soil *Medium water needs *Frost tolerant as dormant *Protect from snails especially as shoots emerge

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