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75mm pot

*Herbaceous perennial

*10-25cm h x (clumping)

*Full sun to light part shade

*Deep pink flowers in spring to early summer

*Beautiful autumn foliage, red and yellow stripes

*Damp, wetland to moist, well drained soil

*Medium water needs, Likes to be dry over winter, dry out between watering, don't overwater

*Frost tolerant to -1 if kept quite dry over winter

**While researching this plant I found conflicting info. Other nurseries saying 'Don't overwater, dry out between waterings', but scientific/botanical pages describing it's native South African home as being wetlands and marginal areas that dry out over winter. So.. I suggest (and my experience with it agrees), keep moist while in growth, but fairly dry while dormant during winter.

Ledebouria cooperi (Cooper's False Scilla)

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